New directions in spectrum assignment for 5G

Publié le 12 septembre 2018

Telecom-ParisTech, with the support of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair, organize, next October 5, a seminar on the New directions in spectrum assignment for 5G. Recent studies suggest that the conventional approach to licensing spectrum has not directly achieved connectivity policy objectives.

This interactive seminar, coordinated by Gérard Pogorel (Telecom ParisTech, and CNRS Interdisciplinary Innovation Institute -CNRS I3-DSES) aims to share in depth the experiences and points of view of European countries and Japan. In order to ensure the best participation possible, the number of delegates is limited.

The Seminar will introduce presentations and analyses by:

François Rancy Directeur UIT-R, Jonas Wessel (tbc) PTS Sweden, Chair, RSPG, Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Ecole Polytechnique & ARCEP, Kiyotaka YUGUCHI, Sagami Women’s University, Tokyo.

And discussions by European experts: Martin Cave, LSE (tbc), Erik Bohlin, Université Chalmers, Marc Lebourges, Orange, Marc Bourreau, Télécom ParisTech, Teodosio Perez Amaral, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Francesco Nonno, Open Fiber, Italy, Ofcom representative, Gabriel Solomon, Ericsson, Gérard Pogorel, Télécom ParisTech, Government and industry representatives.

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